Things to Consider in a Priming Game

The priming game is a pretty powerful strategy to use in backgammon. Often when both players execute a priming game the showdown really becomes very interesting. Let's take a look at different things we need to consider when executing a priming game in backgammon.

When a backgammon game turns into a blocking contest (meaning that both players have set up primes and have enemy checkers behind each of their primes) this turns into one of the most interest priming games there is in backgammon.

Both players are trying to free their trapped checkers in this priming game. They also try to build their positions to make sure that the checker that gets sent to the bar during this contest in the priming game stays there for quite a while.

Here are some things you might want to consider during this situation when it arises during a game of backgammon. First is the length of your prime on the backgammon board. Remember that the longer the prime the harder it is for your opponent to escape the trapped checkers.

Another thing players need to consider during a priming game is the position of your opponent's back checkers. This is an important factor you might want to pay attention to when doing a priming game.

Checkers should be ideally positioned right next to the prime. This position in a priming game gives those back checkers better chances to jump over. Back checkers that are able to occupy your five-point can be bad news.

If your opponent has made an anchor at the five-point that would add to the items you should keep an eye on when executing a priming game. But if there is a gap between your opponent's anchor and your prime, the situation is better for you (especially if you have a six-point prime). This makes it harder for your opponent to jump over your prime.

Another important thing to consider during a priming game in backgammon is to check how you can advance your checkers. It is going to be a huge waste if you have to break up your prime because you can't smoothly move your checkers forward.

This also means you have to check out if you have any spares you can use to cover points further ahead in your own home board. If ever you have to move your checkers forward, use your spares first. Then, move the checkers from the back end of your prime.

The priming game is truly a powerful strategy in backgammon. The player who knows how to maintain the prime has the edge in a backgammon priming game.