Play and Win in Backgammon: Basic Instructions

The good news for backgammon players whether beginners or advanced is that this board game can now be played with someone across the globe via the internet. The instructions on how to play backgammon whether it's face to face or online are the same. Whether you're looking to start playing backgammon, or hoping to improve your game, there are basic instructions on how to play backgammon that must always be kept in mind.

Before instructions on how to play backgammon can be given out, it's important to know that the black and white pieces are called checkers. All the black pieces represent one player, while the white ones represent the other player. The purpose of the game is to get rid of all of one's checkers before one's opponent. Since this is the purpose of the game, once one knows the basic instructions on how to play backgammon, it's ideal to develop a strategy that would hinder one's opponent from moving forward. The objective of the instructions on how to play backgammon is to allow the player to finish before one's opponent's checkers are all off the board. There are two pairs of dice, the colors of which would match that of the checkers'.

The instructions on how to play backgammon would of course include setting up the board. If one wants to learn how to play backgammon, the board must be set up correctly and according to these instructions. If one looks at a backgammon board closely, one will notice narrow triangles with numbers one to twenty four at the triangle's base. To set up the board, one should make sure that there are five checkers each on points thirteen and six, three checkers on point eight and two checkers on the base of the triangle numbered twenty four. Once a player's checkers are in place, the instructions on how to play backgammon require that the opponent's checkers be placed in mirror image of the other player's checkers.

Now that one has the instructions for setting up the board, each player will throw a die with the player who gets the highest number going first. Following basic instructions on how to play backgammon, each player will then move their checker following whatever number comes out of the dice. The good news is, according to instructions on how play backgammon, a player can move two checkers at one time as long as their checkers move according to the numbers provided by the dice. Checkers can only land on open points. Open points are those that are either not occupied by the opponent's checkers, a point occupied by one's own checker or a point occupied by the opponent's single checker.

If all of one's checkers are no longer on the board but one's opponent still has their checkers on the board, the great news is that at this point, the bet is tripled. Backgammon is a high stakes game. The best news of all is that these basic instructions on how to play backgammon will get one started on winning.