Backgammon Winning Strategies

History would speak that backgammon is known to be the oldest game in the world. Archaeologists in the past were able to discover backgammon sets which dates back 3,000 BC. It is a game of luck along with an intelligent strategy. Backgammon rules are simple and easy to be understood. However, mastering this game takes a lot of time and effort. As compared to chess, this game runs quickly lasting only for a few minutes.

The backgammon board is composed of two sides where each side has twelve spaces which totals to 24 spaces. It is numbered from 1 to 24 going on opposite directions for 2 players. That would mean that the space 1 of player one is space 24 for player 2. The counters of each layers vary depending on the rule of the game that is used.

There are common backgammon strategies that players can use in playing backgammon. As they say, backgammon is the art of tricking your opponents most especially in the early phase of the game. This works by sacrificing one of your pieces. This will fool other players and they will think that you are such a weak player. By this, your opponents will end up with more pieces on their board. As the game continues, your opponents will find it difficult to get their pieces back to the game. Another strategy is blocking. A lot of players would testify that it would be easy to block their opponents pieces into their own home board so that they will have a hard time getting it out of your area. The points 4 and 7 are found to be great spots in blocking your opponents. The running game strategy aims to carry all your pieces to the inner board and get rid of them quickly. This is more on a speed strategy. For this strategy to be effective, you must think that you move faster then your opponent. Another is the back game strategy which is likely to be similar with blocking.

The main objective of backgammon game is to relocate all your pieces around the board and tear them down faster than the other players who works equally the same as you do. The chance of winning in this game depends on the strategy you use with a little luck. The number of your moves depend on the numbers on the dice and the decision on how to move depends on your playing strategy.