Backgammon Variation Called Tawula

If you are on the look out for another backgammon variation you can learn and play then you would probably enjoy Tawula. This game would test the skills of any backgammon player. There are no bets involved when playing Tawula and it offers anyone a backgammon variation with some difference on the rules.

A new game like Tawula would definitely offer players of backgammon a new way to test their learning abilities than playing to win. Tawula has a quicker pace than other variations of the backgammon game. This game can be an interesting change sometimes.

In Turkey this game is referred to as Tavla. The board's set up is similar with backgammon. The players move the checkers exactly how you move it in backgammon. Players start this game in a different way. The checkers are not lined up. Thirteen of the checkers should be out of the game's board. To start a player will line up just two pieces and make a move. Each player must makes sure all his pieces are going to be in the board before proceeding to the base.

To move a checker the player should roll the pair of dice first. The resulting numbers from the dice should be added and then the player should make a move on the checkers. Players can move a checker by using the sum from the pair of dice or by making two moves each one representing each number from the dice. When the outcome of the dice roll is alike the move on the checker should be twice the sum of the pair of dice.

In this game the player cannot move one checker to an area which has been occupied already by another checker. Players also cannot proceed to another point where the other player's two checkers are. When that point however is occupied by just one checker he may hit it and it will be removed. The other moves are just like the moves in backgammon. The player becomes a winner when the fifteen pieces are on the player's side which is called the home or the base then he can bear off.

Players of backgammon don't really need to worry about being clueless to what Tawula is because they are basically the same. The game will be won by the first one to get all his checkers to his base or home. The goal of playing Tawula is for enjoyment rather than competition since there is no cube for doubling. Try this game for a change and learn a new skill.