Advanced Backgammon Strategies

One of the secrets of professional players is that they do not rely on the same Backgammon strategies when they play. Just like the game itself, tactics and strategies have to be constantly revised and updated. Going beyond the basics are essential if you want to make progress.

However, it should be stressed that before you employ advanced Backgammon strategies, you should have the rudimentary procedures down pat. You cannot possibly learn more advanced concepts without mastering the basics.

During the game, it is important to remain focused on your overall Backgammon strategy. Often times, a player can get caught up in trying to advance or bear off a checker that he ends up using his other resources just to get that particular piece off the board. Try not to lose focus.

If your opponent is playing very aggressively or trying to race, do not get caught up and stick to your own plan. If he succeeds in hitting your blots, do not go for revenge; do not sacrifice a position just so you can "get back" at him. By adhering to your game plan you will remain on pace to win.

If you are short on checkers, make sure that your blots are at the best possible position they can be; even if they cannot reach home immediately, ensure that they at least act like a bridge or in a good spot to hit.

Advanced Backgammon strategies should include playing to the last checker even if you are losing. If you are going to lose, do not just go through the motions; doing so might end up costing you a gammon, which will make it worse. Do whatever it takes to make sure that you get at least a checker off.

Other advanced Backgammon strategies that you will do well to include in your game plan are equities and also the percentages. Studying these numbers will take time, but in tournament matches, playing by the percentage numbers has been shown to improve a player's winning chances.

When it comes to doubling, the best way is to imagine you are your opponent: what would you do? Would you take or drop? This can go a long way towards helping you decide if you should offer the cube or not.

There are many ways you can add to your Backgammon strategies; advanced concepts are available online, and you can play with a computer game to test how far you have gotten. Through constant practice, you will undoubtedly improve and become a better player.