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  1. Advanced Backgammon Strategies - To win in Backgammon tourneys, you will need far more than the basic tactics. If you want to play with the pros, you must put into practice advanced Backgammon strategies to give you the advantage over your opponents.
  2. Backgammon Strategy: The Running Game - The original idea behind backgammon is a competitive race which makes the running game a suitable strategy to employ when all the right elements fit in. Knowing the fundamentals of the running game help us execute this race with ease.
  3. Backgammon Variation Called Tawula - Tawula is another backgammon variation. This is a popular game in Turkey. Tawula is very much the same with backgammon except in the beginning of the game where only two checkers are used.
  4. Backgammon Winning Strategies - Winning in a backgammon game requires a wise strategy. Learning how bear off all your pieces as fast as possible is top priority in achieving sucess.
  5. Introductory Principles on Backgammon Duplication - Duplication is an important strategic element of a backgammon game plan. Understanding how it works gives a player a more solid mid-game and end-game. We'll discuss some underlying principles behind backgammon duplication.
  6. Play and Win in Backgammon: Basic Instructions - Backgammon is a high stakes board game that will surely have you hooked once you have the instructions on how to play backgammon. These simple instructions on how to play backgammon can teach beginners who are seeking to learn and help the advanced players improve their game.
  7. Split Plays as Opening Rolls in Backgammon - Split plays are a subtle way of positioning checkers. It takes an aggressive stance in the game and capitalizes on multiple opening rolls.
  8. Things to Consider in a Priming Game - The priming game is one very powerful strategy when used correctly in a backgammon game. The player who is able to maintain the prime can gain a substantial winning advantage during a priming game.
  9. Tracing the Roots of Backgammon - The increasing number of Backgammon tournaments and games, online and land based, proves that interest in the game continues to grow. Fascination with the game is not new though, for throughout history there have been similar games and variants that helped turn Backgammon into the game so loved today.
  10. Two Fundamentals of a Backgammon Race - Doing a pip count and making moves that avoid wastage are two essential elements of winning in an old fashioned backgammon race. They may prove to be the backbone of a successful end game when a backgammon game turns into a race.
  11. Understanding the Four-Two Backgammon Opening Roll - The opening roll of four-two is a powerful way to start a backgammon game. We'll discuss its advantages and strengths and compare it to other opening rolls that relate to it.
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